Where does the dog live

Where does the dog live


Tip: Walking along rocky paths will help correct the setting of the “ballerinas” paws (it often happens with shepherd dogs - the paws do not stand straight, but look in different directions. Both at home and in the apartment, dogs bring quite a lot of dirt into the house, especially in rainy summer. In the country, especially if you are here in autumn and spring, it is good to make a dog shower in the hallway - for paws and not only..It will be easier to clean the dog there after it rolls in the sand, runs through wet freshly cut grass or walks through spring puddles.

Important: Walk twice a day (or how many times you do it in the city). Engage in training or look for companions for games - walks can be modified, for example, due to trips to the beach or into the forest, but their number should not decrease, even if the dog spends the whole day on the site.

Do not disturb your pet's routine. For you it's a walk, for him it's a need. As a rule, dogs perceive the site as a home and are very reluctant to "do their own thing" within the territory. Just in case, have hygiene kits for cleaning in stock. The most convenient, in my opinion, are bags with disposable scoops that you need to fold yourself according to the origami principle. Throw everything in the compost.

How to Protect Wooden Poles and Furniture
Forbidding an adult dog to gnaw on wooden objects is quite difficult, but possible. But puppies will gnaw everything down to their shoes: they are teething, they need it. Plus, they get to know the world (like kids who put everything in their mouths). The way out is to give them something that can be chewed, and at the same time persistently explain what exactly it is impossible to chew on. Entertain your pet - get your favorite sticks and rubber balls to play on the site. Dogs like to measure their strength with old car tires and thick ropes (Hold command)

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