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The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is ideal for safely trimming the nails of cats and dogs

The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is ideal for safely trimming the nails of cats and dogs

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Keep pet grooming simple with the Myliketpets Shop™ Electric Grinder. This powerful motor runs quietly, with low vibration and adjustable speeds (7000/8000/9000 RPM) to reduce fear in cats and dogs. The grinder features 3 grinding ports designed to accommodate any size pet, and is an ideal solution for safely trimming and smoothing nails. Professional paw grooming, pain-free and bit-by-bit trimming.

Item Type:Electric pet nail grinder
Target Audience:Dog,Cat 
Size of Pet:Universal
Features:Low Noise




The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is the ideal nail trimmer for cats and dogs, boasting high-quality construction and innovative design. Its unique shape and ultra-light vibrations ensure your pet's comfort while safeguarding their claw nerves from injury. Rechargeable with a USB cable, this grinder is the ultimate hassle-free choice for trimming your pet's nails.


The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is designed with safety in mind, making it an ideal choice for trimming the nails of cats and dogs. This grinder features a unique design that is intended to protect your pet's claw nerves from injury, giving you peace of mind while providing a comfortable trimming experience for your furry friend.


The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is the perfect grooming tool for cats and dogs. It features a powerful adjustable rotor that lets you choose from low to high speed, perfect for customizing the trimming process and ensuring your pet's nails are trimmed quickly and safely.

Very quiet

The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is the ideal tool for trimming the nails of cats and dogs. Its quiet 30-50dB motor ensures a stress-free experience for your pet, while the low noise level is one of the lowest on the market, helping protect your pet from fear and anxiety.


The Myliketpets Shop™ grinder is perfect for trimming the nails of cats and dogs safely. Its powerful motor and adjustable speed provide a comfortable experience for both you and your pet, while its low-noise design ensures a tranquil atmosphere. With built-in LED lights for increased visibility and a protected cover for greater control, pet grooming is now easier and more efficient.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Clark Heller

Arrived quite fast, it works excellent as it does not make much noise, it has three speeds and it comes with flashlight.

Marquise Moen

works fine. it's not loud. would love a tutorial. cane to peru via serpost. delivery was great.

Vicky Medhurst

Excellent quality, I was able to lower my dog's nails without hurting him

Fidel Reynolds

Arrived in no time, just what I asked for and it's not so noisy

Isabella Hintz

Thank you very much to the seller, the product arrived very quickly, the car looks super. Tried to turn on, works great, you can switch speed, there is backlight. Now you need to learn how to use it.