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Myliketpets Shop™ Swimming Pool Summer Cool Dog Bath Water Spray Mat

Myliketpets Shop™ Swimming Pool Summer Cool Dog Bath Water Spray Mat

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The Myliketpets Shop™ Swimming Pool Summer Cool Dog Bath Water Spray Mat is designed to help your furry friend beat the summer heat. This eco-friendly mat is constructed of PU and PVC materials and is available in 3 sizes: S (100x100cm), M (150x150cm), and L (170x170cm). Its lightweight design (1 kg) makes it easy to transport, and the water spray pad and hand wash feature make it effortless to use. Beat the heat with the Myliketpets Shop™ Summer Cool Dog Bath!

Material: PVC
Color blue
Size: S (100*100cm), M (150*150cm), L (170*170cm)
Suitable for: Leisure, gathering or party on the lawn, in the garden, by the pool or on the beach.


1. Use bright colors with confidence
2. Use thickened spiral interface, no water leakage, simple and convenient installation.
3. With a large drain hole and multiple suction holes, drainage is quick and convenient.
4、Easy to Carry: The sprinkler pad can be folded, easy to transport, easy to store, so you can carry it with you.

Steps to use

1. Place the gasket on the connector
2. Install the water pipe connector.
3. Connect the water pipe to the mat.
4. Connect the water pipe to the faucet and fill with water.






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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Berta Effertz

Easy to use, arrived in 13 days

Judy Abshire

Arrived today. Already broke.
Repair don't hold either.

Haylee Blanda

Cool pool with fountain. But my dog is not a fan of lying in the wet, but actively goes in, wet its paws and drinks water if the fountains are not high. Great fun. I have a small dog, somewhere knee-deep, weighing 35 kg, I took the Pool 1 m * 1 m

Darrell Fay

She's great!!! My puppy loved it!!!!

Dena Grady

I arrive super fast, I wait for functions and it is fine.