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The Myliketpets Shop™ Cat scraper, scratching post, couch, scratch board

The Myliketpets Shop™ Cat scraper, scratching post, couch, scratch board

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The Myliketpets Shop™ Cat Scraper offers a safe and reliable lounging spot for cats, while also protecting your furniture from claw damage. Its cardboard construction is 100% recyclable and made with high-quality, non-toxic glue, while its solid wood frame extends the product's service life. Easy to assemble, it's the perfect bed for cats to scratch, play, and nap on.

  • No. of Tiers: Single Layer
  • Item Type: Scratching Pads
  • Material: Wood





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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ethyl Swift

Product shipped promptly & arrived without damage about 2 weeks before estimate via AE shipping. Assembly was fairly straightforward despite lack of instructions; included screwdriver is handy but I used a bigger, stronger one for tightening. Like most, I assembled it as a flat bed rather than a standing board.

I've had it for a week now and am happy it is fulfilling its main purpose i.e. keeping my bi-colour cat from attacking my bedside table in the morning. He accepted the scratchboard straight away & has claimed it as his own - my other cat has a sisal scratching post but has also tried this one out.

The bigger size is good, especially for scratching; even the other larger cat can stretch out on it comfortably. The cardboard surface is already wearing out but should last at least several months I think.

Kattie Medhurst

Please do the packaging carefully, and most of all, the cat likes it, so I want to scratch it vertically. I put up a bridge and put it together, and I got on it and hid it in the space behind me. My cat is not vertical. Anyway, my quality is just a wooden board. If you beat it, it splits the tree, so you have to be careful. And I was a little embarrassed because I didn't have a manual, but I saw the Internet quickly. And I'm Young in a fluttering country. Also, I'm a little sensitive to the smell, but it doesn't smell very much. When a cat enters the back, it pretended to be like a cover. Why…. Lastly, I approved the order at dawn on the 19th, but it came on the 21st .. Undelivered…

Margaret Paucek

That's a nice item for cat. Real pine wood used for the frame. the holes for the screws where not perfectly aligned between the parts but it will be fine for you to mount it still and at the end, it doesn't change anything on the appearance or resistance.
A bit disappointed about the cardboard, it arrived damaged as shown in picture. Not a big deal, but for a that pricey peace of cardboard, I expected it to come undamaged!
It must have got a hit the the transportation.
Still good item overall.


Ernest Goyette

little bends from the shipping 🚢 but a very good product 👌

Fabian Funk

Thank you!)) everything is fine and well done! Packed was also very good!) thanks to the seller!)) the Kuja is very satisfied!))