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The Myliketpets Shop™ Portable Pet Food Drink Bottle for Dogs

The Myliketpets Shop™ Portable Pet Food Drink Bottle for Dogs

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The Myliketpets Shop™ Portable Dog Food and Drink Bottle is the perfect pet accessory to help keep you active. Its sealed compartments hold up to 258ml of water and 200g of food, giving your pet the essentials they need without the risk of splashing. Available in 4 stylish colors: pink, blue, gray and green.Product Name : Drinking water drop
Color : Pink/Blue/Grey/Green
Capacity : 258 ML+200 G/ 400 ML


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Customer Reviews

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Aliyah Toy

Very handy bottle to go hiking with your dog or to go on a trip. The system allows the water to be taken out into the big spoon and put back in the water if the dog is no longer thirsty. Tested by a chihuahua and a German Shepherd. The reserve below makes it possible to put about 40g of croquettes. Delivered with a wrist watch.

Arianna Hilll

The Myliketpets Shop™ Portable Pet Food Drink Bottle for Dogs

Jared McClure

This is very useful not only does it hold water for your pet but it also has a little hidden container underneath for the dry food

Bette Jones

This is very useful as it holds water and dry food in a little container underneath

Derek Kovacek

Delivery was very slow it has taken weeks before I received the bottle. Cured in today and looks feathery have looked good to see if it leaked but looked good. I only expected the water part larger can not do much in but for a walk or long car ride it is sufficient for my little dog